6 Acts of Kindness That Will Inspire You

Kindness really is priceless.

As the Black Lives Matter movement continues amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed or anxious, which is why we love sharing acts of kindness from around the world with you. 

In this week’s round-up of encouraging and uplifting stories, we have a heartwarming story about one teacher sharing a sweet lesson that extends far beyond the classroom, as well as one best-selling author using her platform to make sure teachers are equipped with more Black books by Black authors to share with their students in a social media book share.

Plus, one man is putting the pedal to the metal—literally—to help ensure the safety of protesters in his community, while a young group of children in Seattle have come together to throw a parade to raise awareness for Black Lives Matter in their neighborhood and beyond.

Finally, we’re also sharing the uplifting story about how one meditation teacher’s mission to help those in need after COVID-19 hit went global, amassing hundreds of volunteers in the process.


Inspiring Moments from Black Lives Matter Protests

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