Amanda Kloots Says Nick Cordero Is Showing “Early Signs” of Waking Up From Coma

Nick Cordero is finally showing signs that he might wake up in the coming days.

Though there have been numerous setbacks in his recovery from the coronavirus, his wife, Amanda Kloots, has revealed he’s showing major progress and may wake up in the near future. She said in her latest Instagram update that the doctor called on Wednesday to inform her Nick is showing very early stages of tracking, “which means he’s starting to wake up.”

She said this is “huge,” because while Nick was already opening his eyes “nothing’s been behind it.”

“Now he’s slowly starting to show signs,” she explained. “Again, these are early early early signs, and super super small movements that not only one nurse saw but a couple.” This new development gives her and the doctor “some hope.”

The fitness guru added that she hopes he will be awake by Mother’s Day. Amanda shared, “Maybe he’ll wake up for me and for his mom. What a gift!”


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