Amy Schumer Tells All: Her Sex Life, Baby Plans, Oprah Winfrey Friendship and More Confessions

Amy Schumer is ready to tell it like it is.

In the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, the comedian and actress appeared on SiriusXM for a candid interview with Howard Stern

While seeking shelter at a friend’s house near Martha’s Vineyard, Amy discussed many of her upcoming projects including a new special with HBO Max called Expecting Amy and her upcoming Food Network cooking show premiering May 11.

But in the middle of work talk, Howard also got Amy to open up about motherhood, her relationship with husband Chris Fisher and so much more. Spoiler alert: She always brings the laughs and remains an open book.

Amy revealed new details about her journey to motherhood and her thoughts on expanding her family despite a difficult pregnancy. And for those wondering just how close she is to Oprah Winfrey, you may be surprised to find out their generosity and what they have done for one another.


Amy Schumer’s Sweetest Mommy Moments

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