Anderson Cooper Reveals Why He Asked Ex Benjamin Maisani to Help Raise His Son

Anderson Cooper has someone special helping him with his dad duties!

The CNN host recently shared the exciting news that his baby boy arrived into the world.

Ever since becoming a father to Wyatt Morgan Cooper, the 52-year-old star has opened up about his new parenthood journey and how he plans to raise his newborn son with his ex-partner, Benjamin Maisani.

Speaking to Howard Stern, Cooper explained why it’s important for him to have Benjamin play a role in his little one’s life.

“I don’t really have a family, and so my friends become my family. And this is somebody that I was involved with for 10 years, he’s a great guy,” Anderson said of his ex and why they’re co-parenting Wyatt together.

He added, “We didn’t work out as a couple… but when I was a little kid, it was just my mom and my brother. But it was my mom and she was not the most parental person and I wish some adult, after my dad died, had stepped in.”


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