Big Sean Says He Doesn’t Feel “Equal” and “Free” in Video About Racism in America

Big Sean is calling for justice.

The 32-year-old rapper took to Instagram for an important discussion on Tuesday. The “Bounce Back” star started by “wishing my sisters and my brothers strength right now,” noting that this strength is needed “now more than ever” and that they have “the whole world’s attention.”

“Justice has to be served—period,” he said in a video posted to the social network. “And if it’s not, I don’t think things are going to change or get better, you know?” 

Big Sean then spoke about how he’s been protesting. While he said he’s seen a lot of unity, he also claimed he’s seen “people with ulterior motives that look like undercover cops” and seem to be “starting a lot of the conflict [and] a lot of the issues.” 

“We’ve all seen, like, places where they got them bricks, like, conveniently located to, like, wreak havoc, and I don’t know what the ulterior motive is,” he later added. “I don’t know if it’s to make us look like we wild beasts or don’t have control, but we clearly are not wild beasts. We’re extraordinary, talented, magical people that if you took us out of the equation, the world would be very, very bland.”


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