Blake Shelton and Hoda Kotb’s Surprise for These Mother-Daughter Nurses Will Make You Tear Up

It may still be a few more days until Mother’s Day, but this mom just got a sweet early surprise. 

With some help from Blake Shelton, Today co-anchor Hoda Kotb helped honor a mother and daughter with an incredible story. As Kotb explained, Bridgette Robinson, a nursing assistant, tested positive for coronavirus in April and spent weeks on a ventilator at the hospital where her daughter, Sylvia Johnson, works also as a nurse. 

Fortunately, Bridgette ultimately recovered from the deadly virus and was able to leave the hospital. After Sylvia credited God, prayers and her mom’s “fight for life” for helping her survive, Kotb gave them a gift inspired by their faith. 

Shelton joined them via video to perform an uplifting serenade of “God Gave Me You.”


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