Chain & The Gang – Cemetery Map Lyrics

Cemetery map
You’ll need it

Well leaving flowers every year on the day
All respects to pay, either way
It’s tricky getting in
And even trickier getting out (get out!)
There are paths going here and there
And going nowhere
You know what? (What?)
I need to figure a particular route
I said

Cemetery map
You’ll need it

Well, here’s a pyramid, a piece of lead
There’s a note that says too bad you’re dead
Headstone but no one’s home
The grave is robbed, you’re all alone
Where’s the grass on this grave?
Oh It’s freshly laid
The body’s warm
Hey, it’s from yesterday

Well north, south, east, west
Yeah then go by that big obelisk
West, North, East, South
Let’s get out (get out!)

Cemetery map
You’ll need it

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