Cuddle Up With These Celebrity Pets to Celebrate National Pet Week

Prepare for cuteness overload because it’s National Pet Week!

That’s right, the first week of May is when all around the country pet owners can celebrate their adorable doggos and cuddly cats even more than normal because the entire week is dedicated to the furry friends.

The stars are no exception when it comes to owners that are obsessed with their pets, too.

From Kaitlyn Bristowe and Jason Tartick‘s lovable labs to Ariana Grande‘s rescue pup, Toulouse, there are plenty of celebs who share snaps of their precious dogs regularly (and in Ariana’s case, even share a Vogue cover with their pet.)

Some of our favorite celebrities’ animal companions have nine lives, like Taylor Swift kitties or YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain‘s feline friends, proving that being a cat lady is actually pretty cool.

You’ve also got celebrities whose pets are totally unique, like Kaley Cuoco‘s horse or Cara Delevingne and her little bunny.



National Pet Day Presents for Pets & Pet Lovers

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