Don’t Lose That Loving Feeling: See the Stars of Top Gun Then and Now

Just because you’re stuck at home does not mean you cannot indulge your need for speed.

Tom Cruise‘s relentless youthfulness notwithstanding, it’s been 34 years since Top Gun opened in theaters and took up residence in the cultural lexicon with its sleek fighter jets, iconic call signs, perfect soundtrack, shirtless volleyball, bar-room serenade and endlessly quotable dialogue. And the creature comforts that the delicious morsel of a buddy-action-military drama that it always provides upon rewatching are not to be discounted.

Top Gun: Maverick—the years-in-development sequel to the 1986 blockbuster, which made $354 million worldwide, put director Tony Scott on the map, and inspired countless future fighter pilots—was supposed to land in theaters next month. The release has been postponed till Dec. 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic (count this one among the movies that will benefit from a big-screen experience) so, best you be a little more Iceman than Maverick when it comes to the mission ahead.


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