Exes Demi Moore and Bruce Willis Have a Dance-Off as They Continue to Social Distance Together

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis sure know how to boogie!

On Friday, the friendly exes, who have been social distancing together, put their dance moves on display in a hilarious video captured by their daughter Rumer Willis.

Standing next to Bruce, who had his arms crossed and gave the camera a stoic look, Demi broke out in a silly dance when their eldest told them to “act like you like each other.” As the A Few Good Men star continued to dance, the Die Hard actor began tapping his foot and created a dance line and Demi followed his lead.

Quickly, the sweet moment turned into a full-fledged Willis family dance party. While her parents busted a move, Tallulah Willis joined in on the fun and copied her mom’s off-beat strut.

Feeling herself, the youngest of the Willis sisters carried on as her family cheered. Taking a cue from Tallulah, Bruce tried his best to mimic her moves and dusted off his moonwalk.


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