Friends Forever! Look Back at Kristin Cavallari & Justin Anderson’s Cutest Pics

Best friends forever!

Justin Anderson isn’t just Kristin Cavallari‘s go-to hairstylist—he’s also one of her closest friends! Very Cavallari fans have gotten to know Justin since he joined the show, following his relationship with Austin Rhodes, his career as a celebrity hair guru and of course, the various hijinks he and Kristin get into!

But in addition to all the fun the two have together, Justin has also been there for Kristin through a multitude of tough times. It’s definitely safe to say that they’re the ultimate BFF goals! 

In honor of Kristin and Justin’s incredible friendship, we’ve rounded up some of the duo’s most adorable photos. Check them out in the gallery below!

You can also watch full episodes of Very Cavallari here!


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