From Unfriendly Fights to Ranch Romances: Austin Gunn & Redmond Parker Spill on Relatively Famous

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What happens at the ranch does not stay at the ranch. 

If you missed Wednesday's premiere of E!'s Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules, allow cast members Austin Gunn and Redmond Parker to tell you why you have to catch up and tune-in.

The brand new series follows Austin, Redmond and six other celebrity offspring as they venture from lavish lifestyles to a working ranch in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, where they take on outrageous, messy and challenging jobs in an attempt to prove they're more than just their famous last names—and, more importantly, try and reopen the ranch after a year of shutdown and loss due to the pandemic.

Put simply, the show is a mixture of "comedy, fights, drama, relating to people and ranch life," Austin explained. 

A second-generation professional wrestler and the son of Wrestling Hall of Famer Billy Gunn, Austin almost immediately found himself mixed up in drama on the ranch—namely with Harry James Thornton, the son of Academy Award winning actor Billy Bob Thornton

photosRelatively Famous: Ranch Rules Cast & Their Famous Parents

"Guess who the f–king bad guy is? Muah," Austin said in a confessional after getting into a shouting match with Harry over a prank gone wrong. "Always. Always the bad guy." 

However, as he told E! News, some of the "drama" comes with the territory of living with seven other people: "It's just inevitable when it comes to living with new roommates that you don't know anything about."

Thomas Cooper/E! Entertainment

Fair enough! Although, based on the sneak peek of what's to come this season on Relatively Famous: Ranch Rules, Austin's not just involved in the typical roommate spats, but seemingly a love triangle of sorts with Hana Giraldo and Taylor "Tay" Hasselhoff.

"You're just gonna have to tune in," Austin said, refusing to spill any details. "A lot of people have relationships on the show and a lot of people are single, including myself. When you're living with new roommates and trying to get to know them better, it's inevitable to try and dive into those other areas."

Added Redmond, "And let's not forget you're secluded, in the country, in the middle of nowhere! It's the classic tale of Adam and Eve." 

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