George Floyd’s Funeral and Memorial Services Announced One Week After His Death

George Floyd will be laid to rest after numerous memorials are held in his honor across the country.

According to NBC News, the 46-year-old is set to be memorialized in the three cities he resided in throughout his lifetime. 

The first of the three events will take place at the Trask Word and Worship Center at North Central University, located in Minneapolis, the same city where George Floyd died while under arrest by former police officer Derek Chauvin. Chauvin is facing third-degree murder and manslaughter chargers. He and three officers were fired for their involvement in Floyd’s detainment. Rev. Al Sharpton will deliver the eulogy for the services, as he announced on his Twitter on Monday. 

This service will be followed by a Saturday memorial in North Carolina, where Floyd was born.

Finally, Floyd will be laid to rest on Tuesday, June 9, following a viewing of his body on Monday. The viewing and service will be held at the Fountain of Grace Church in Houston, a church that has been attended by the Floyd family. 


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