Gwen Stefani Brings the Nostalgia With Past Looks in “Let Me Reintroduce Myself”

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Gwen Stefani is throwing it all the way back in her new video for "Let Me Reintroduce Myself," which pays homage to the artist's storied musical career. 

The new song, which dropped on Dec. 7, already makes reference to one of Gwen's most iconic moments. In the first verse, she name checks "bananas," a clear nod to her 2004 mega hit "Hollaback Girl," which taught the whole world how to spell the name of the fruit. She goes on to remind fans that she's not just "records on your shelf," a clue that the "Sweet Escape" singer is ready to move into the next era of her music career. However, she's not moving on without first reminding fans of where she came from.

The music video, which was released Jan. 2, pays tribute to nearly every iconic moment of Gwen's musical past. In the video, multiple versions of Gwen come together to perform on the same stage, wearing looks that The Voice mentor famously rocked in previous music videos and even on the red carpet. 

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Another version of Gwen dons the white crop top and blue sweats from No Doubt's "Just a Girl" music video, while another wears the black and white polka dot dress she wore in the band's video for "Don't Speak." Other Gwens featured in the video include one with heavy blonde bangs and huge sunglasses from the "Wind It Up" video and one with blue hair with space buns in order to channel her red carpet look at the MTV VMAs in 1998. 


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But it's not just her past that Gwen is focused on here. In the video she also points to her engagement ring from fiancé Blake Shelton, and has one of her many Gwens donning a trucker hat and denim jacket—a nod to the outfit she wore in the music video for her and Blake's new song "Happy Anywhere."

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