Hilarie Burton Pens Touching Birthday Tribute to “Electric” Jeffrey Dean Morgan

It’s Jeffrey Dean Morgan‘s birthday—and his wife Hilarie Burton wins the award for sweetest tribute. 

On Wednesday, the Walking Dead star rang in his 54th birthday and his longtime partner took to social media to honor him one his special day. 

“It is my husband’s birthday,” she began. “There’s a whole heap of people out there who love @jeffreydeanmorgan. He’s a person who is electric, dynamic. He laughs hard and can curse a blue streak, and has a heart bigger than most. He takes on responsibility and fights for others, and works hard. And then he comes home and doesn’t rest…he’s the pony that our kids hop on. He’s the cuddler of donkeys. He’s the dreamer who pulls a log out of the woods and makes a table or art or mountains of firewood.”

“But to me,” she continued, “he is the only person who’s opinion matters. I met him when I was 26, and he saw me for who I wanted to be. And then he kicked down every obstacle to get us here. Happy Birthday, Jeffrey. You make everything better.”

Along with the touching caption, Burton also shared photos of the actor, including adorable snaps of him with their two children. 


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