How Victor Cruz Explained Racism to Daughter Kennedy Following George Floyd’s Death

An eye-opening conversation.

On Tuesday, Pop of the Morning’s Victor Cruz joined Nina Parker on Daily Pop and discussed the conversation he had with eight-year-old daughter Kennedy amid the ongoing protests following George Floyd‘s death.

“For starters, just trying to explain the things that, you know, she’s seen. Like, George Floyd getting his neck kneed down upon by an officer. Like, I have to explain that to her,” Victor shared. “Her biggest question to me was, ‘Why didn’t he take his knee off of his neck?'”

In order to answer this difficult question, Victor revealed he had to explain racism more in-depth to his daughter.

“And then I have to further explain, who you are and you’re a young black queen and why there are gonna be some people out here that don’t like you solely because of who you are and the color of your skin and where you come from,” he continued.

While Victor noted that Kennedy looked “a little confused by” the initial conversation, watching the news and continuing the talk about racism has helped her understand.


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