Ilana Glazer Gives Birth, Welcomes First Baby With Husband David Rooklin

Watch: Ilana Glazer Welcomes First Baby With Husband David Rooklin

Broad City has a brand new resident.

Ilana Glazer gave birth to her first child with husband David Rooklin, she shared on Instagram on July 19. Alongside a photo with her newborn, Ilana wrote, "been breastfeedin in compression socks for the past 3 weeks, hbu?"

In early July, the Rough Night actress told Lady Gunn that she was "really looking forward to the next few months" after giving birth, as she spends time with a "brand new human."

Ilana also reflected on the lessons she learned as an expectant mother, saying, "There is something that has been continually clarifying in my pregnancy." She explained, "It's horrifying that women are second class citizens across all socioeconomic statuses, all across the world and on a varying degree of wealth and race, all these qualifiers that fit us into boxes. The unspoken violations from minuscule to enormous and egregious are constant." 

She has also noticed that life has mirrored art with her latest horror movie, False Positive. Ilana, who proudly celebrated Pride Month as "queer mama," told E! News last month that she felt the timing of her pregnancy was an "absurd cosmic joke," because it coincided so perfectly with the Hulu film, in which she plays a pregnant woman.

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"There were so many times [False Positive] was going to come out and the fact that it came out when I'm like not just pregnant but like, so visibly pregnant is so funny," she shared. 

The 34-year-old comedian first revealed her pregnancy during an interview with Entertainment Weekly in March. "I'm not afraid to ask a billion questions," she said of the "amazing role models" she's turning to for motherhood advice. Ilana noted at the time, "I'm specifically seeking out the most spiritually healthy and welcoming experience." 

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