Inside The Challenge: All Stars’ Syrus Yarbrough’s 60-Pound Weight Loss Journey

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A six-pack has taken on a whole new meeting for reality TV's party guy.  

Syrus Yarbrough was 25 years old when he starred on The Real World: Boston, which will celebrate its 25th anniversary this summer. And the former college basketball star's stint on the MTV series and his five appearances on The Challenge led to decades of partying for a living, forming unhealthy habits in the process. 

"I tell people I've been 25 for 25 years," Syrus told E! News in a recent phone interview. "When you're touring the world and when you're paid to be you, it's a difficult thing. I was known as Sy the party guy, so I was partying my butt off and the butt got bigger and bigger!"

So longtime fans were stunned when Syrus showed up on the May 11 premiere of The Challenge: All Stars season three 40 pounds lighter than when he last appeared on season one of the Paramount+ spinoff. And since filming ended, Syrus revealed he has lost an additional 20 pounds, getting into the best shape of his life at 50.

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"I feel completely reinvigorated. Honestly, every day is my birthday now," said Syrus, who was getting his miles in on a stationary bike at the gym while he was chatting with E! News. "It's amazing being back with the spotlight on me and get out there and show the world my natural life progression. It's a different kind of feeling when you are 50 years old and you still have the opportunity to get out there and compete."

And Syrus, who shares the honor of being the oldest cast member with Mark Long, showed up primed to compete this season, beating Tyler Duckworth in the first elimination challenge and proving he is ready to go toe-to-toe with the younger competitors.

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"Being an ex-college athlete, you can't get that high again unless you get on The Challenge," Syrus explained. "So I've been waiting for this moment, I'm back in optimal shape."

Syrus revealed there were "several different factors" that led to his fitness transformation after an injury he suffered several years ago left him feeling "depressed" and caused him to "gain a bunch of weight."

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Establishing himself as a TV personality after his time on The Real World and The Challenge, Syrus admitted the partying lifestyle ultimately took its toll.

"I was spiraling in this zone of just being unhealthy," he explained. "Partying every day, being paid for it, eating like crap, whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted. It was just one of those things where I decided to make a complete change."

That meant giving up drinking, smoking and sugar, a plan Syrus put into place before the pandemic, which then kick-started his fitness regimen.

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