Is Kathy Hilton Returning to Real Housewives of Beverly Hills? She Says…

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It didn't take long for Kathy Hilton to become a fan favorite on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  

The socialite mother to Paris Hilton and half-sister of RHOBH O.G. Kyle Richards joined the show as a "friend of" in season 11, but now that the explosive reunion has come and gone, fans can't help but be curious about Kathy's fate for next season as she hasn't confirmed (or denied!) whether she plans to return. 

Allow her to explain.

"The reason I'm not back yet is I've just been doing a wedding," Kathy exclusively told E! News on Tuesday, Nov. 23, referring to Paris' three-day nuptials. "Everybody speculates and all that, but I've been busy and haven't had a chance to really focus and talk with my team and see, you know, what's going on."

A source previously told E! News that filming for season 12 was already underway, but there's always time Kathy to bring her hilarious antics back to the group, right? 

photosReal Housewives of Beverly Hills Through The Years

Plus, she seemed to have enjoyed being a Housewife just as much as Bravo fans enjoyed watching her be one.

"I absolutely love the show, I have to tell you," Kathy said. "A lot of people will be on a show and then they'll talk about it or they'll badmouth it, [but] I loved all of the girls. I loved the crew in that season. I cannot make one complaint."

Even the season 11 reunion, which she admitted was "long and hard," turned out to be a positive experience.

That's not to say Kathy wasn't occasionally intimidated by all of the drama, though.


"One thing I will say, this is not manufactured drama on the Real Housewives," Kathy said. "I will tell you that. The way the girls are, really, what you see is what you get."

That doesn't change when the cameras leave, either. 

"Hand to god…they fight in front of everybody and fight right in front of us, [but] there's not, like, when the cameras go off, gossiping," Kathy told E! News. "Like, somebody coming up and saying, 'So and so…' There's none of that, where usually with women, the moment someone leaves the room, 'Yap yap yap.'" 

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