Jennifer Garner’s Cat “Pooped His Pants” and Her Reaction Is Hilariously Purrfect

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Jennifer Garner is experiencing one of the many unique joys of being a pet parent. 

On Tuesday, Nov. 23, the 13 Going On 30 star posted a hilarious video on Instagram of herself giving her cat Moose a bath after he "pooped his pants."

Calling poor Moose "befouled" by his embarrassing predicament, Jennifer lifted the fluffy white cat into the sink and began the dreaded and delightfully ridiculous experience that fellow cat owners know all too well.  

Despite the hilarity of the situation, Jennifer tried to let Moose keep a shred of his dignity. "I've never met a nicer cat than this cat," she remarked, "which is why I feel badly making fun of what's happened to his butt."  

While Moose initially appeared OK with a quick rinse—even letting Jennifer move his head up and down while she sang him nursery rhymes—his tone changed after she applied shampoo to his rear end, causing him to shoot straight out of the sink and latch onto her jeans for safety. 

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Flustered and trying to keep a hold of a slippery Moose, Jennifer tried to soothe his worries by apologizing for the absurd situation they'd found themselves in, laughing and shouting: "I'm so sorry!"

It was Moose who got the last laugh, though, sticking his claws into her and leaving Jennifer shell-shocked with a sopping-wet cat attached to her shirt.  

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Realizing she needed some additional help, Jennifer channeled her mom for guidance. "What would my mom do? She would get you in here!" She shouted, setting the cat back down in the sink. "For Pat! For Pat! Get in here for Pat!" 

With the help from another person, Jen wrapped Moose in a towel to get rid of any excess buildup. Once the removal was complete, she was left with a very angry, wet cat covered in soap from head to paw. 

As Jennifer pretended to cry as she rinsed Moose off, the cat attempted to make one last great escape by swiping at her and launching himself away from the spray.

He ended up latched onto her neck once again, this time catching Jennifer's skin in the crossfire. She laughed helplessly as a friend pulled him off her and into a towel, quietly adding, "That's my skin."

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