Kara Keough Shares Heartbreaking Details of Son’s Birth and Death in Tearful First Interview

In her first interview since the death of her newborn son, Kara Keough took fans through her unimaginable loss. 

Nearly a month since her baby boy, named McCoy Bosworth, passed away following complications during childbirth, the former Real Housewives of Orange County reality star spoke with Good Morning America via video about the sequence of events that took place before her son’s untimely death. 

With her husband Kyle Bosworth by her side, Keough explained that she initially planned to labor at home and then head to the hospital when it was “push time” for an unmedicated birth. However, as the coronavirus pandemic ramped up, she learned her doula was not going to be able to be there for the delivery. Keough’s anxiety grew with news reports that partners were also not being allowed in the delivery room and that babies were being taken from their mother if the mother was running a fever, out of concern for coronavirus transmission. 

“I’m sitting there thinking, ‘What if I spiked a fever because that’s sometimes a normal part of giving birth and then I get my baby taken from me?'” she said. “The irony now looking back is I don’t have my baby now, but the fear of all that compounded so much.” 

As a result, Keough thought she would take “that burden off the healthcare system” and give birth at home following a healthy pregnancy. 


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