Keke Palmer Says She Has “Waited for a Revolution” in Personal Call for Justice

Keke Palmer is not done using her voice for change.

On Tuesday morning, the actress penned a personal column to Variety where she voiced her support for the Black Lives Moment and continued her fight for justice.

“I chose to join the protests in Los Angeles to bring as much awareness as we can to the injustices in America and fight against white supremacy and what it does to our nation. At one point, I spoke with National Guardsmen who were preventing us from marching past a certain point and challenged them to march with us,” Keke wrote in her essay. “In my wildest dreams, they would all march with us without risk of punishment, in the same way that if the whole class walks out of school, no one gets detention for it. If enough of them felt moved to do this, it would offer so much inspiration and impact the movement in such a meaningful way.”

The actress continued, “They didn’t march with us, and while one offered to for a short stretch, he also said he had to ‘protect the businesses’ and buildings in the area.”

While the moment quickly went viral after NBC News reporter Gadi Schwartz captured the interactions, Keke wishes there would have been a different outcome.


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