Khloe Kardashian Shares Refreshingly Honest Response to Comments on Her Appearance

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Khloe Kardashian is speaking from the heart.   

After TikTok user @mackincasey called out The Daily Mail for showing side-by-side photos of the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star from 2021 and 2007 and saying she looks "unrecognizable," Khloe took to Instagram to share how these stories really make her feel.

"I don't want anyone to kiss my ass," the 36-year-old Good American businesswoman wrote in the comments section of a post. "I'm not asking for that. But what I am asking for is for people to realize just what articles like this does to someone's soul and confidence."

Khloe then noted she's "so very grateful and appreciative of anyone who stands up to bullying or people writing story's [sic] simply for clickbait."

"Defending someone, especially when we don't know one another makes me heart happy," she added. "That's the person I am. I like to defend what is right. Thank you everyone for you sweet comments and thank you @mackincasey for being so kind."

photosKhloe Kardashian's Best Moments of the Decade

Khloe has received these kinds of comments about her appearance before, but she doesn't let them bring her down. "At first, [mean comments] would definitely bug me, and I'm like, what in the world?" she told last year. "I would never take my time to shame someone or be negative. I only comment nice and positive things. At first, I would let stuff like that affect me. And now I really don't care. Maybe if I'm having a bad day. But typically, I would say 90 percent of the time, it doesn't affect me."

But make no mistake: KoKo isn't afraid to take on her trolls. "Sometimes I have to f–k with people a little bit," she told the magazine. "I try not to! I try to behave, but sometimes they're just asking for it."

And she isn't alone. To see a few examples of the Kardashian family's clapbacks over the years, scroll on.

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KoKo's haters were at it again when one Instagram user commented "money spent well" on a series of glamorous snapshots she shared. 

But when the trolls go low, Khloe goes high, writing back with several laughing emojis, "the shade of it all." 

InstagramKhloe vs. Makeover Critic

Khloe's definitely been known to switch up her look every now and then. As part of her latest transformation, she went from long-haired to short-haired and blonde to brunette. 

But when Khloe debuted the new hairstyle on Instagram, one commenter was eager to point out they somehow couldn't recognize the Good American mogul, writing, "Who is that on the right?" 

"your new step mother," Khloe hilariously responded. "Be nice or get grounded."

InstagramKourtney vs. Judgement on Activism Efforts

Kindness is key! A snapshot from a family trip captioned "lake ya" drew the following comment, "why can't you donate more money or your time to help people of the world ?"

Kourtney's response was nothing short of gracious. She replied, "always wanting to help more, do you have suggestions? Let's encourage each other, ways others can help too. As humans sharing this planet, I find it our duty to help each other."

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