Kim Kardashian and Kendall Jenner’s Hairstylist Gives Us the Best Tips for Effortless Hair At-Home

E!: That’s a great tip. A lot of people at home might not realize that when they’re doing their hair.

ID: It not only causes overheating, but it also can damage your tool. So, whether you’re using a nozzle, or however you’re using it, it can really cause overheating and lead to more damage to your strands than necessary. For more at home styling tips, I’d say utilizing the natural oils that we have on our head. A lot of people are just not washing their hair as often as they normally would. So if you have super oily hair, use that oil on your scalp to just like brush it through with a board bristle brush down through your strands to make sure that the rest of your strands are coated.

It might sound kind of gross, but it’s super helpful for your strands and also for your scalp, too. I’m a huge fan of very sleek hairstyles and using what you have is super important. So, if you have super oily hair, part it down the middle and just sleek it back into a low pony and then wrap the hair around and create a bun.


E!: You mentioned we should all stay off the heat right now… What else should people be doing right now to get our hair back to the healthiest it can be? 

ID: I would say for sure try to mask, I call it “mask and chill.” Apply a treatment mask at least once a week to your hair. You can like sleep in it, you can leave it in all day. One of my favorite hydrating masks that has a ton of nutrients and just like really yummy ingredients for your hair is the Ouidad Ultra Nourishing Intense Hydrating Mask. I normally put it in after I’ve washed my hair. I’ll either braid my hair or I’ll let it air dry or I’ll wrap it in a bun and just let it be. So you should definitely be masking your hair.

Other things that you should probably be doing is avoiding a terry cloth towel on your hair. It’s so bad for your hair. It strips your hair of moisture and also make sure that you’re making small changes around your house, you know. I think that’s one of the biggest ones, avoiding a terry cloth towel and make the switch to a micro cloth towel. It absorbs the moisture, but it doesn’t strip it of moisture. If you don’t have a microfiber then using an old cotton t-shirt—using that to dry your hair is super helpful especially for girls with wavy or curly hair. One of the worst things you can do is use a terry cloth. For straight or wavy hair, too, it’s one of the worst things you can do.

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