Kimmy Gibbler Forever: Andrea Barber on Her Decades-Long Journey With Full(er) House

Twenty-five years after the original show’s end, when Kimmy Gibbler came calling again, Barber put on the scrunchie and brightly colored clothing and became the character for Fuller House. The sequel series centered around her character, Candace Cameron Bure as DJ and Jodie Sweetin as Stephanie premiered in 2016. Barber said she was able to slide right into the role when the Netflix series premiered.

“I played this character for eight years as a teenager, so she was just hiding in there subconsciously. I think it’s kind of like when learn a language as a kid and then you become fluent for life, like that’s kind of like what happened to me. I just became fluent in Gibbler and she just came out,” she said.

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