Kristen Bell Records Her Husband Dax Shepard Doing Surgery On Himself

Sometimes, you have to take matters into your own hands…

While practicing social distancing and being in quarantine, Dax Shepard decided to remove the pin from his own broken arm. While it’s unclear how the 45-year-old actor broke his hand, it appears he’s not afraid to repair it.

Trolling her husband over his pin removal, Kristen Bell cheekily captioned her Instagram video of the whole ordeal: “We’re on day “I can do my own surgery” of quarentine [sic].”

In the short clip, Dax can be seen talking on the phone with his doctor, as he starts “the procedure” of removing his pin, which takes about 3 seconds to do.

“It’s out, there’s no blood splattering everywhere,” he quipped. “I’m coming for your job, doctor. I’m gonna add pin removal to my resume now.”

He later joked that he’s been communicating with his doctor non-stop and has now resorted to doing things on his own.


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