Kristen Bell Vows to Raise Her and Dax Shepard’s Kids to Be “Anti-Racists”

Concluding the interview on an empowering note, Bell encouraged listeners to start a dialogue with their loved ones and to take action. “It’s tucking your hair behind your ear and showing an open ear, and a physical presence,” she said. “Talking about it is a wonderful first step within white communities. Bringing it to your dinner table, don’t look away because it’s uncomfortable.”

The Good Place star added, “I’m having it with my kids. It can be done. They’re five and seven. And, can I tell you? They understand. They understand why when they are adults, they will be putting their body between their black brothers and sisters and someone trying to brutalize them if that need arises. They know that that’s what they’ll be doing and they are five and seven.”

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