Laurel Visits Her Father in How To Get Away With Murder Finale Deleted Scene

The How to Get Away With Murder series finale hasn’t even aired yet and deleted scenes are already here!

Creator Pete Nowalk shared the first yesterday, which served as Matt McGorry’s final scene in the series (via dream sequence), and we’ve got the second one today! In the scene, Laurel visits her father and asks him to testify against the governor in Annalise’s trial, and he does not seem all that interested. 

“Why would I ever do anything for you Laurel?” 

I don’t know, maybe to make up for ordering Wes killed and trying to steal custody of her baby and a million other things this man has done? But Laurel uses a different tactic. 

“Because Xavier’s dead,” she says, telling him the governor did it and he has a chance to make her pay for that. Plus she’d really not like to go to jail and leave her son without a parent. 


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