Lil Dicky Talks Wearing a ”Man Thong,” Acting with Kourtney Kardashian and More

While shooting his hit FXX series Dave, Lil Dicky had to take elaborate efforts to protect his privates from public view.

In the series, Dave Burd plays a quasi-version of himself, Dave, who is on the rise to stardom as Lil Dicky the rapper. Throughout the series, Burd peppered in hilariously uncomfortable sex scenes and vivid detail about his complicated relationship with his real-life genitalia. In a wide-ranging interview with Pop of the Morning’s Victor Cruz, Burd explained what it was like stripping down on set.

“It’s a bit weird,” Burd said. “In between takes you’ll walk to get a coffee and I have to wear like a man thong, a man-colored thong that then gets CGI’d out. And all the people are able to see my back acne. This thing, it’s like, your genitals are put in this pouch that can sometimes begin to slightly…”

“Oh my god,” Cruz interrupted. “There’s a little overflow sometimes!?”

“There’s like a little bit of overflow,” Burd explained. “But more like the way it sticks to your skin, it’s hard to explain unless you see this f–king thing. It’s fixed to your body and sometimes it starts to not stick a little bit and you’re just panicking, because the last thing I want is actual footage of my penis in the archive.”


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