Lizzo Breaks Down in Tears as She Addresses Racism Amid George Floyd Protests

Lizzo is ready for change.

On Sunday, the “Juice” singer took to social media with a plea in response to the death of George Floyd. While hosting an Instagram Live, she relayed a message she had received from locals on the current climate in Minneapolis, updating her followers on how Black Lives Matter protests have escalated. 

“What they just told me is at this point all the violence, the majority of the violence that’s happening in that city is coming from the KKK and the heavily militarized police. There are people coming from the south, there are white supremacist terrorist groups coming from the south, patrolling the streets, shooting people,” she said, according to Billboard, adding, “Follow some people in Minneapolis ‘cause the real story is not being told fully.”

Then, the Grammy winner began to tear up as she tried to process recent events. “It’s never black people, it’s always white people using the term ‘race war,'” Lizzo explained. “We don’t want that sh-t.” 


Celebrities Speak Out in Response to George Floyd’s Death

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