Madison Beer Says She Was Tear Gassed While Protesting George Floyd’s Death

Madison Beer revealed that she was tear gassed while protesting George Floyd‘s death.

On Sunday, the “Home With You” singer attended a protest in Santa Monica and documented her experience on her Instagram Stories. After sharing a picture of herself marching and holding up Black Lives Matter signs, she urged followers to leave the protest once the rally seemed to become unsafe. 

“was just tear gassed,” she posted, along with a selfie of her glassy, red-rimmed eyes. “leave santa monica now.” Beer also shared footage of police arriving to the scene and blaring their sirens. To further warn protestors, she also took to Twitter, writing, “LEAVE SANTA MONICA NOW IF YOU CAN I WAS JUST TEAR GASSED THEY ARE ARRESTING EVERYONE AND TEAR GASSING ALL CROWDS.”

Days before the protest, the 21-year-old star voiced her heartbreak over Floyd’s death with a moving Instagram post.


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