Malia and Sasha Obama Praise Mom Michelle in Rare Interview for Becoming

There’s nothing that compares to a mother-daughter bond!

Case in point: Michelle Obama and her two daughters have a special connection unlike any other.

Ahead of the former First Lady’s Netflix documentary release—which is titled Becoming, like her bestselling memoir—Malia Obama (21) and Sasha Obama (18) are showing their momma all the love and support.

In the documentary, the two sisters not only praise Michelle over her incredible work and dedication to helping others but for also being able to raise them in the spotlight.

“I’m excited for her to be proud of what she’s done, because I think that that’s the most important thing for a human to do, is be proud of themselves,” Sasha explains during her Becoming appearance.

Malia adds that her mom is “no longer facing that same scrutiny” that she was when she was in the White House with their dad, Barack Obama.


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