Meet Married at First Sight: Australia’s Tash and Amanda and See Their Emotional Wedding Vows

Need more Married at First Sight in your life? You’re in luck, because Lifetime is giving viewers a taste of what the show is like Down Under in Married at First Sight: Australia and E! News has an exclusive sneak peek.

Married at First Sight: Australia introduces viewers to 12 new couples, including same-sex couple Tash and Amanda, from the other side of the world. Meet Tash and Amanda in the exclusive sneak peek above.

Tash, a bartender and yoga teacher, hoped to find someone who was affectionate and expressive with their emotions. Amanda, who is a self-proclaimed alpha-female, wanted to find a woman she could love deeply and equally. Amanda’s family wasn’t always accepting, but that didn’t stop Amanda from trying to find her soulmate.


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