Nikki Bella Reveals Her Mom Learned of Her Sexual Assaults Alongside “the Rest of the World”

Nikki Bella and Artem Chigvintsev‘s unborn baby gave them quite the scare.

On Wednesday’s all-new The Bellas Podcast, the pregnant Total Bellas star revealed that she and her fiancé recently drove to Los Angeles for a doctor’s appointment following a “heart scare.”

“We kind of had a heart scare! And so, Artem and I had to drive to LA to get our baby double checked, because they thought they saw something in our baby’s heart,” the retired WWE superstar detailed. “Everything came out great, which we were so blessed and happy about.”

For those worried about Nikki and Artem’s little one, don’t fret, she assured listeners that the baby is “very healthy.” In fact, per her latest update, the unborn babe is now “over two pounds.”

Still, this wasn’t the only stressor that Nikki faced recently. As E! readers surely know, last week, Nikki and twin Brie Bella dropped their new memoir, Incomparable. In the book, the famed wrestlers shared deeply personal stories from their lives, including Nikki’s sexual assault experiences.

Understandably, the Belle Radici co-founder was extremely nervous about printing these particular life experiences. Why? Well, because mom Kathy Colace didn’t know about the assaults.


Nikki Bella’s Pregnancy Pics

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