Outer Banks Deep-Dive: Your Guide to Netflix’s Hottest New Cast

Confession: we are all about that Pogue life this summer.

Wait, you don’t know what that means? Gosh, you are a total Kook. In case you are the proverbial nerd that fell asleep first at the sleepover, we’re talking about Outer Banks, our latest Netflix obsession. Imagine if Dawson’s Creek had a one night stand with The Goonies and then raised the child with The O.C. That’s basically what this teen drama is. 

Outer Banks follows John B. (Chase Stokes) and his three Pogue friends as they hunt for answers about his missing father and buried treasure, all while dealing with elitist Kooks, law enforcement, other dangerous treasure hunters, and romantic entanglements. Stakes of all kind abound, just with a sun-kissed glow. 

But the best comparison we can make is that OBX is our TV version of potato chips. Like, is eating a whole bag of them the best thing for you? No, but we dare you to stop with just one. Just like we dare you to stop watching after just one episode. You just can’t and the bonus is you get to watch a hot new cast be hot and dramatic!


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