Peter Weber’s Brother Throws Shade at Madison Prewett After Bachelor Finale Backlash

The Weber family has spoken.

During this week’s two-part finale of The Bachelor, star Peter Weber got engaged to Hannah Ann Sluss, to the delight of his family. However, fans later watched as the couple ended their engagement after Peter expressed that he could not give Hannah Ann his whole heart. The pilot then went on to reunite with runner-up Madison Prewett, which didn’t sit well with his family.

During Tuesday’s After the Final Rose, Peter’s mom Barb Weber, did not hold back as she shared her feelings about Madison.

“You know, the show last night, it didn’t show everything. And I’ve gotten a lot of love, let me say, on my DMs. But I will say, when I went for Hannah Ann, it was because she was the one who embraced me with love,” Barb said. “She was so organic, she was just so loving towards me. And I just loved her. The next day, we met Madison, and it started out rocky…rocky road.”


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