Porsha Williams Calls on White Allies to “Be Specific For Real Change” in WWHL Sneak Peek

Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live is shining a light on the Black Lives Matter movement with a special two-part episode, starting tonight.

Host Andy Cohen will moderate a discussion—which comes as nationwide protests continue in the wake of George Floyd‘s death—featuring guests The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Porsha Williams and comedian/activist W. Kamau Bell. 

In this exclusive sneak-peek clip of the WWHL special, Cohen asks the two how allies—specifically white people—should begin to enact real change despite “deep-rooted structural and institutional forces that have served to create and maintain systemic racism in America.”

Williams first acknowledges that she’s grateful for those who have joined protests. 

“That is beautiful because, listen, the protests have gained the attention of the media which is provoking this type of conversation,” she says. “But I think as white people who really want make a change in their understanding…let’s go to what practical things we can do. Number one, we already know that the system is full of white supremacists, correct? So what we need to do is dismantle that system.”

She continues, “And if white people are recognizing that the system has been built by them, and they’re possibly the only ones to dismantle it, become a part of that. Bandwagon along with the African Americans who are saying, ‘Alright, well, the police need to be policed.'”

In the clip, Williams also stresses the importance of a “type of integrity unit along with the police system to double-check their investigations,” as well as legislation that prevents cops from having what she describes as an “immunity” that provides “a true protective veil around them.”

“Again, I can say it all day. Other black people can say it all day,” Williams adds. “But it is powerful when white people speak up on factual things that are happening in the police system that need to be reformed.”

In short, she said she wants white allies to “just be specific.”

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