Prince William Hopes to Shut Down the Stigma Surrounding Men’s Mental Health

In a trailer for a new BBC documentary, Football, Prince William, and Our Mental Health, The Duke of Cambridge is getting candid about emotional well-being.

“You can’t be ashamed of your mental health,” Prince William began. “You’ve got to be able to look it in the eye and go, I’m gonna deal with it, here we go.”

The trailer explains the 37-year-old royal hopes to shut down the stigma surrounding men’s mental health by speaking with famous British soccer players, managers and fans.

He later continued: “It’s about being confident enough to say, ‘Things aren’t going great.’ It’s okay to not be okay.”

This isn’t a new endeavor for Prince William, who’s always been candid about his own struggles with mental health.

Last year, he, Kate Middleton, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle collaborated to launch Shout, a UK-based 24-hour crisis helpline. Shout was born out of Heads Together, an initiative the group started in 2016 in conjunction with several mental health charities.


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