Quilly – Boast Lyrics

[Hook: Quilly]
f**k being humble, I gotta boast
Let’s have a toast, My bitch way too bad to ride coach
Street nigga, I never told, I took an oath
We takin planes and trains and speed boats
Never content, I do the most
She give me top in the back and then I’m ghost
1 in the top, please don’t approach
My youngin’ wit me, he retarded, he do the most

[Verse 1: Quilly] 20 in the rubberband, draco, he the duh duh man
(?) to the motherland, made it out it the jungle, baby, I’m alive
Even I’m surprised
I hop back in the machine, I barely walk, speak sign language to these bitches, I don’t talk
I don’t sell anything, all these niggas NARCS
Haines & Money baby but you knew that from the start
Big roll on me, my bitch know I’m on some shit
Tried to fly my mom out, she still think I’m hittin’ licks
Dick up to the opps, I’m still slidin’ through the strip
It’s up, nigga, I’m lit


[Verse 2: Quilly]
f**k being humble, I pop shit for all my down times
Countin’ all this money, I was locked up with (?)
Watch me make a movie in this club, bitch, get some popcorn
Red carpet, I walk through the hood with flops on
Come through in a drop, I’m the one they want the drop on
Quilly told but I’m the one they call the cops on
Streets cold, Minnesota, get the Viks on
These red bottoms but not the ones with the spikes on em
She gon f**k me and do what the crew say
These haters gonna double cross me, Dusse
I’ma slide on em like Lupe
Opps wanna kill me cuz I’m liver than 2K

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