Relive the Kids’ Choice Awards Most Iconic Slimes Ahead of Tonight’s Show

Have no fear: there will be slime at this year’s Nickelodean Kids’ Choice Awards!

Tonight, the Kids’ Choice Awards 2020: Celebrate Together is airing and while the show is being virtually produced, the program promises there will still be plenty of the show’s iconic green stuff in the lineup.

Any kid growing up has loved seeing their favorite celebrities get slimed on the show, especially when they were least expecting it.

From Katy Perry get slimed from a box on stage to Taylor Lautner getting blasted with the green concoction on the red carpet, no star is safe from getting slimed (and in fact some like Pitbull seemed to love it.)

In honor of tonight’s show, we’re taking a look back at the history of the best slimes to ever grace the show.

Take a look below at celebs like Justin Bieber, Will Smith, Pink (who got her own custom-hue of the goop) and more who have been covered head-to-toe.


How to Watch the Star-Studded, 2020 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards: Celebrate Together Event

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