See How Your Favorite Stars Are Celebrating Mother’s Day 2020

It’s a day to celebrate the beautiful and resilient mothers who have given us life, love and unconditional support. 

As millions of people throughout the country continue to hunker down at home amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it might seem like a feat to celebrate Mother’s Day 2020 accordingly. 

However, no gesture is too small on a special day like this—if it’s done with intention. Whether it’s a touching Instagram post, a heartfelt text, a homemade meal, a card or a flower arrangement—be sure to to celebrate all the mother’s in your life. 

Of course, today’s also a day where we’ll see many of our favorite celebrities wishing their mother, aunt, grandmother or a friend the best day ever. 

From Jessie James Decker to Mindy Kaling to Jessica Biel, celebrities are taking time to soak up this special day even if it’s just from the comfort of their homes. 


First-Time Moms: Mother’s Day 2020

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