Shayna Hubers’ Former Cellmate Reveals Special Demand From Murderer

Watch: "Cellmate Secrets: Shayna Hubers" Exclusive

Kentucky woman Shayna Hubers is serving a life sentence in prison for shooting her boyfriend, Ryan Poston, to death in 2012.

She is the subject of an upcoming episode of the Lifetime docu-series Cellmate Secrets. On the show, a few of her former cellmates who testified against her in court offer rare insight into the murder case by speaking out about what the killer allegedly told them behind bars.

"Shayna used to tell me all the time that she deserved what she wanted when she wanted it," one of the women, Holly Nivens, says in E! News' exclusive clip from the show. "She thought it was very important that I didn't judge her."

In 2012, Hubers, then 21 years old, called 911 herself to report that she shot Poston, 29, in self-defense. Authorities discovered that he was shot six times, including in the head. Hubers was taken in for questioning and later arrested for murder.

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"I knew he was gonna die or have a completely deformed face," Hubers said in an interrogation room, as seen in a police video. "He's very vain…and wants to get a nose job. Just that kinda person and I shot him right here. I gave him his nose job he wanted."

Hubers later said, "I did it. Yes, I did it." She then stood near the wall and sang "Amazing Grace."

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In 2015, Hubers was sentenced to 40 years in prison for Poston's murder. She appealed and her sentence was overturned the following year because it was revealed that a convicted felon had served on the jury, which is not allowed by Kentucky law.

Still in prison awaiting a conclusion to the case, Hubers was granted a second trial. Nivens and other former cellmates testified about her behavior behind bars and what she allegedly told them about Poston and his killing. On Cellmate Secrets, one of the other inmates, Cecily Miller, discusses Hubers' behavior after being arrested and how she never expressed remorse about killing her boyfriend.

Hubers was convicted of murder again in 2018. This time, she was sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole in 2032. In her most recent mug shot, taken in 2019, she is smiling.

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