Skepta – Still lyrics

[Verse 1]
They’re like “what’s good G”
Same shit broski, man I’m still hustlin’
I switched up the pack, cleaned up the cash
But the trap still jumpin’ (true)
Sold white on a pushbike in my brand new jeans
So I had the right leg tucked in (greaze!)
Phone line rang so much
That the ringtone started to sound disgusting
Young boy in the kitchen with the powder
And I weren’t making dumpling
Stepped in the night show
See all the ladies start re-adjusting (sex)
Hat down low with the shades on
Looking like definitely up to something (sus)
Please don’t step on my Sk’s ’cause I ain’t down for scuffing
I look at the game from a bird’s eye view
That’s why I see everyting’ properly
Top boy for too many years and still nobody can top me
It’s me they’re all tryna sound like
It’s my gang they’re all tryna copy, but I never complain
‘Cause I got more where that came from (greaze!)
I got the whole game on me (alright)
Yeah, that’s what you get when you’re chosen
Better protect your shit or shit gets stolen
Get covered in ice, you gotta pay the price
For your wrist to be frozen
Still I’m outside, all of my chains on, out in the open
No security, you know the slogan
Who am I scared of? I am the omen

[Verse 2]
Yeah, Vivienne Westwood suit
Lash got the drinks in the booth
Dex is billing them zoots
This ain’t a video shoot
Tangerine lemon and strawberry I was bringing them fruits
Asked the neighbours about BBK swear down they’re sick of them youts’
We win awards, come home and Attack the Block
John Boyega when I’m acting up
Fuck lower case, I start capping up
Till the big bad ting start backing up
Got a Spanish ting and she’s over sexy
That’s why the jokers wanna bo’ select me
But they cannot draw me out
Got the shades on, the lights don’t affect me
No watch in my wrist, no Big Timin’
Feds tryna find the whip I’m in
Pedal to the metal, this shit’s flying
Power steering, I’m slip sliding
Can’t see me, I stay too lowkey
No, we don’t do that dick riding
I’m in my own lane just me
Yeah that’s why the plaques in the crib shining
But forget all the numbers, we the top boys
Even your girl knows, it’s blatant
And that’s how it’s gonna be for a while
You niggas better have some patience
No, we ain’t on the same platform
No, I’m at a different station
Can’t see my face like Jason
Happy Halloween you pagans!

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