Stephen “tWitch” Boss Teases Who the “Toughest” Judge Is on Clash of the Cover Bands

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So, which Clash of the Cover Bands judge does host Stephen "tWitch" Boss think is the toughest? 

Ahead of the new E! series premiere tomorrow, Oct. 13, tWitch hilariously dished on how the three judges—Meghan Trainor, Adam Lambert and Ester Dean—differ in terms of giving constructive criticism for the tribute acts

"Adam gives the critiques that I think land in the most empathetic way because Adam has been through a reality contestant before," tWitch revealed during E! News' Daily Pop on Oct. 12 about the American Idol alum.

"Meghan gives critiques from a songwriting perspective, from out there being on stage, and so does Ester," tWitch continued. "Ester, she gives critiques being like, 'Yo, you're not connecting to this song because when they wrote these lyrics right here, you needed to be like this.' So each judge kind of has their specific critiques that could not only help just in the competition but are also life lessons."

photosClash of the Cover Bands Contestants

And, tWitch does not envy being on the judges' table.

"I feel like I've got the greatest position because the judges, Ester, Meghan and Adam, they kind of have the hardest job because the talent is serious," the Clash of the Cover Bands host admitted. "For me, I just get to come out and be a cheerleader for everybody. Honestly, it was so much fun. It was literally like a concert every episode." 


The competition series also gives fans a crash course in music history, as tWitch summed up the premise:

"Picture an era of music that y'all are nostalgic about: we've got '90s rock, we've got powerhouse vocals. So what we do is we've got 20 of the greatest tribute acts in America, I mean world-renowned, and by musical genre, we pair them up. The winner of each episode gets $10,000. At the end of the season, Jimmy Fallon will take that pool of winners and take one of them to perform on his show."

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