Taylor Swift Surprises a Young Fan Who Wrote a Touching Letter to Her Mailman

Taylor Swift is making a fan’s dream come true. 

Emerson Weber, an 11-year-old from Sioux Falls, Dakota recently inspired many with a heartfelt letter she wrote to her local mailman thanking him for his service during the coronavirus pandemic

In an interview with Good Morning America, the fifth grader said: “I love being able to decorate the envelopes. It really shows my creative spirit. Writing letters you can share so much about your self, it’s like being there in person, and, I love receiving them, because you know that someone took the time in their day to write back to you.” 

According to the letter she wrote to her mailman, Doug, the young fan thanked him for “taking my letters and delivering them. You are very important to me. I make people happy with my letters, but you do too.” 

Following her letter of appreciation to Doug, Emerson’s father Hugh Weber shared that more letters continued to flood their mailbox

And to their surprise, one of those letters came from the “Love Story” singer. 


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