The 40 Most Iconic Survivor Moments of All-Time

Outwit. Outplay. Outlast.

After 40 seasons and 20 years, Survivor has managed to do all three of those when it comes to dominating reality TV, becoming one of the genre’s most iconic and successful series of all-time.

The CBS reality hit premiered on May 31, 2000, with a simple concept: what if Castaway and Lord of the Flies had a baby that became a reality competition series?

The first season, set in Borneo, became one of TV’s biggest pop culture phenomenons, thanks in large part to the large personalities, the politicking and one of the most polarizing winners and reality TV stars in Richard Hatch.

Since 2000, Survivor has managed to stay at the top of its game, with Jeff Probst going from host to showrunner, delivering new twists, turns and themes each season to keep its dedicated fans hooked. And in its most recent 40th season, Survivor delivered its most epic season yet, pitting 20 returning winners against each other. 

But how many moments from Winners at War managed to make our list of the series’ most memorable moments over the last 20 years?


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