The Most Surprising Celebrity Transformations of the Week

Hair today, gone tomorrow.

Another week of social distancing at-home means another week of celebrity making major hair changes, including giving their significant other a matching haircut. Well, that is if you’re Miley Cyrus!

In addition to Cody Simpson‘s new ‘do, Khloe Kardashian made headlines when she showed off her major hair transformation, debuting darker tresses, and a reality star unveiled her natural look sans her signature extensions. 

Plus, a wellness expert is opening up about her 50-pound weight loss journey after giving birth, and Chrissy Teigen made a major reveal on Instagram about a surgery she’s about to undergo. 

And Jason Derulo once again is proving he’s one of Hollywood’s best follows on TikTok, taking yet another one of the social media platform’s viral challenges to the next level, turning into a Marvel superhero. (Seriously, we’re wondering if he went to a certain Avenger’s house to snag the suit, that’s how good his transformation was.)


Celebrity At-Home Hair Transformations

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