These 13 Mother-Daughter Films Are the Perfect Watchlist for Your Mother’s Day Weekend

Break out the popcorn, because this Mother’s Day weekend there are plenty of amazing films to watch!

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day (so if you are just remembering now, be sure to grab your mom a last-minute gift!) and all around the country, we’ll be celebrating by giving our moms a call or showering her with gifts.

While you probably can’t treat your mom to a dinner and trip to the mall due to the coronavirus pandemic, you can still have a wonderful time with her by staying in and watching a classic mother-daughter movie together.

Whether you are already around your family or want to watch together over Zoom, these flicks are the perfect choices to celebrate the holiday.

If you and your mom are the type that love a good laugh, you’ve got options like the hilarious Freaky Friday, Troop Beverly Hills or Snatched that will do the trick.


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