This Chilling Story From the SurrealEstate Set Will Make You a Believer in Ghosts

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Putting the surreal in SurrealEstate.

In an exclusive chat with E! News, Tim Rozon and Sarah Levy, who are starring in SYFY's upcoming paranormal drama, revealed that supernatural occurrences didn't just happen for the camera. According to the Schitt's Creek alums, the cast were the stars of a real-life ghost story after several guest stars found themselves staying at a haunted hotel.

Tim, who plays Luke Roman, a real estate agent with an expertise in haunted homes, said he wasn't a believer in ghosts. That is, until now. "You know, it's so funny because my answer 100 percent before starting this was no," he told E! News. "After doing this show, filming where we did in Newfoundland, I heard so many stories from the guest stars. Supposedly, where everybody was flying in and staying was an old haunted mansion turned into a hotel. And I heard stories from almost every guest star that said they felt some sort of presence that didn't feel natural. It's hard for me to not believe everybody, you know?"

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In fact, one guest star checked out of the hotel he was in because it was too spooky. "He was like, 'I'm out of here. This place is way too creepy,'" Sarah, who plays Susan Ireland, noted. "And everyone that stayed there had the same feeling, it was really intense…I was so grateful that I wasn't staying there."

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Although Sarah called herself a believer, even she was surprised to learn of the eerie history of the town they were filming in. "St. John's, [Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada], where we were staying, is notoriously haunted based on all the stories that a lot of the people that live there have," she shared. "I mean, I talked to everybody, and it seemed like 99 percent of the locals that I talked to have at least one story."

While Sarah made it clear that the area couldn't have been more beautiful, she did admit that they "were shooting in a place that was already pretty eerie to begin with."

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