This Jennifer Aniston Doppelgänger on TikTok Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Watch: Jennifer Aniston's TikTok Doppelganger Will Make Your Jaw Drop

Is that who we think it is?!

Many pop culture fans scrolling through TikTok this week came across a user who looked exactly like Jennifer Aniston. After a closer investigation, they discovered it was @she_plusthree (real name Lisa Tranel) who looks a lot like the A-list actress.

In her viral TikTok, Lisa lip-synced to an iconic quote from Jennifer's Friends character Rachel Green.

"I want to quit," Rachel said in a 1997 episode when talking to BFF Monica Geller (Courteney Cox). "But then I think I should stick it out. Then, I think why would such a person stay in such a demeaning job just because it's remotely related to the field they are interested in."

Maybe it's Lisa's facial expressions. Perhaps it's her blonde locks that are just a little longer than the iconic Rachel cut. Whatever the case may be, fans can't get enough of the video that has received close to 345,000 likes in just one day.

photosStars' Epic Hair Transformations

This likely isn't the first time Lisa has been compared to the Friends star. After all, her TikTok bio simply reads, "Not Jennifer Aniston."


You know what I mean?

? original sound – Friends

Speaking of look-alikes, another Hollywood star is showing off a new haircut that is giving off Aniston vibes.

Earlier this week, Julianne Hough's hairstylist revealed the Dancing With the Stars pro's new blonde highlights. "Fun Fact!: @JulesHough had NOT highlighted her hair for about 2 years (BEFORE quarantine made it a trend to grow you natural out), because she wanted to 'just see' what her natural hair color would be," Nine Zero One celebrity hairstylist Riawna Capri wrote on Instagram. "And well, it's freaking stunning."

When you see the pictures, you'll understand the comparisons. For even more celebrity lookalikes, keep scrolling below

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3This Jennifer Aniston Doppelgänger Will Make Your Jaw DropTim Rooke/Shutterstock: TikTokPrince Harry

Fans couldn't get over how much the duke and this dad look alike! Even the doppelgänger's own child was confused after seeing Prince Harry's photo on the cover of a magazine.

Warner Bros. Pictures/Entertainment Pictures via ZUMA Press, TikTokDaniel Radcliffe

You're a wizard, Harry…er, Felix. Fans couldn't believe how much French recording artist Felix Lalo looked like the Harry Potter actor, with one follower writing, "You are his clone. I thought you were him. Wow."


tiktok, Tim Mosenfelder/Getty ImagesEd Sheeran

Not only does this doppelgänger resemble the singer, but he's also performed as him. He even has a website in which he's dubbed "Ed Sheeran's Double." However, the social media star's real name is Nic and he lives in Germany. 

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